woensdag 12 februari 2014

the Card Club

Not like the otters

went to the zoo with my grilfriend, only the bevers were pleased with the weather

dentist assistent

't Is altijd Lente in de ogen van de tandartsassistente - It's always Spring in the eyes of the dentists assistent

maandag 10 februari 2014


A poster I did for THE Chiro party of the year!


an acrylic piece I did above someones window (wish I had a better picture)

halloween speed drawing

Siet is born

the parents' favorite animals were chickens

Rob en Bob




A design I made for a threadless competion, it didn't make the 'preselection'

Mc Donalds


Here's a caricature of myself, drawn from a mirror

Here's a drawing I remade from a Storyboarding lesson 'Jack 'O lantern' where Jack meets the devil


This woman is a heartspecialist and plays tennis as well, so that's what you get!